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Web Design

Having a user friendly, pretty, and responsive website is crucial. It can determine how long someone will stay on your website for. At Coral Stripe, we believe in a clean, minimal site. We want your website viewers to enjoy looking at your content and not get lost or frustrated.

We design on Wordpress & Squarespace only. These are the easiest platforms to work with. Get in touch with Coral Stripe to figure out what you should use for your project,

Our web design process may seem long, but it is pretty simple! And you will be a part of every step. Whether you need a completely new design, or an update to your current site, we can make it happen.

Our Process

Project summary and goals. What do you want to see in the end of our project? A new website? An updated website? Who is the site for?

Defining the timeline. This is the most important process. We will lay out the complete process and a timeline of when all the work will be completed based on the goals.

Wireframing & sitemapping. Mapping out exactly what will be on the website and where. How many pages do you want to see? Laying out the sitemap is the foundation of your website.

Content Creation. The fun part - designing! We will start by designing your homepage and once that is approved - we go from there. We love having you be a part of every process. 

Designing Elements. Once the website is developed, if you need icons, backgrounds, color palettes, etc.

Site development (if needed). If your process includes custom website development, this step is next. We will hire a developer to custom code your Wordpress website for you.

Testing. This is a step that often gets looked over. We will test on different browsers, laptops, phones, servers, etc. When we launch we do not want to run into any problems!

Launch! Yay! After all the hard work, we are ready to launch. We can also help you with designs + images to post on social media or email lists to tell all your clients and customers that you have launched a new website - the world needs to know.

Ongoing design + maintenance. Coral Stripe can continue to edit and help you with all website updates needed.