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Social Media

You might need social media management help if...

  • You want to be taken more serious in your industry.

  • You want to have a beautiful cohesive feed.

  • You want to increase your following and brand awareness.

  • You want your branding to match your posts and content.

  • You want to increase you sales or get more clients.

  • You understand the importance of a social media presence.

  • You understand that social media increases customer loyalty.

  • You're too busy running your business and need help!

  • You're totally clueless about social media, and it's okay!

We want you to focus on your business and not worry about social media. We will take care of it for you. We can set up all your accounts, design your images, map out campaigns, you name it! We have multiple packages for our social media management depending on how often you need our help.

What We Can Do

Social Presence

Our main goal is to give a growth in your social presence. Make all your accounts consistent + engage in your followers.

High Quality Posts + Content Creation

All content is carefully created and curated for your business. Coral Stripe takes the time to research your industry and create content to share to your followers. 

Account Takeover

This means, we take over your account completely. That means everything that is posted is 100% on us. This is great if you are very busy and do not have time for social media - will handle it ALL.

Account Growth

Coral Stripe will boom your company Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page with followers that actually want to see your content. We specialize in Instagram growth, having a large following on Instagram also gives your brand massive credibility - let's get you there!

Social Media Consulting

We offer social media consulting to companies who are not sure where to start and are not sure what they need. We can build a strategy for you, and help you get started.