A boutique creative, social media & marketing studio.


Welcome to Coral Stripe! We are a boutique creative & social media studio. What does that mean? Our studio helps you with all creative collateral + your social media presence. In millennial terms: "we make your website and Instagram pretty" and engage with your customers for you, so you can focus on your business. Our founder, Caroline, has a creative eye and believes in growing companies by having a strong brand presence and engaging in your customers. Our mission is to help grow your digital presence as a brand!

Caroline Ripa, Founder

Originally from Rhode Island, Caroline Ripa became an army brat and eventually made her home in Georgia. She has lived all over, and because of this it makes her creativity unless and unique. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Communications. She has over 4 years of professional marketing experience working as a web designer and a marketing specialist. Take a look at her lifestyle blog here.

She is a lover of all things digital, and has been passionate about marketing and creative work since she was little. Her style is simple + sweet + modern. In her free time Caroline enjoys traveling and making time to see her friends and family.


Let’s create something awesome.

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